Wello Moves

Multi phase move in project.

Phase 1: Purge & Pack - One 6-hour session with 2 Organizers

We can start in any order you prefer. Each session will include: taking all purged items to appropriate donation centers, packing what is possible and organizing all we can into new containers, baskets, hangers, etc. A dumpster can be arranged to be on site for items that are trash.

Areas organized:

  • Dining Room, Hall Closets, Laundry Room, Guest Room
  • Kids Rooms & Playroom
  • Master Closet & Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Office
  • Kitchen

Kitchen will be the last thing to pack and purge 1 day before the move. We will arrange for a moving company to handle transport.

Now we're moving!

Phase 2: Unpack & Organize New House

The day of the move we can have 4 organizers unpacking as the movers unload boxes for the entire house.

We will most likely need 2 full days for the final unpack and organize (including the garages). The unpack will include detailed organizing for each specific space. From baskets to color coordinated bins, hooks and hangers, custom dividers to labels. We will create a system that will work for you.

Hauling away any final donations is included and can arrange for a dumpster trash in the new location.

This does not include the fee for the movers.

We do our best to estimate, there may be a space that takes a little longer or even a little shorter. You are only billed for the actual hours worked and supplies used. We always overestimate.

It is our ultimate goal that the move is as seamless and stress free as possible.

Phase 1 should begin 10 days before your actual move date.

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