A 4-Year Old’s View on Organization

IMG_1594While driving home today with all my kids in the car I received a phone call from my go-to closet designer (don’t worry I was parked for the call!).

We needed to discuss some details of a unique space we were designing. After several minutes of going back and forth over dimensions, size and space, my sweet 4-year old daughter piped up from the back seat with, “mommy why do you always want everything perfect?”

At the time, I sort of laughed because obviously as a professional organizer I want things a certain way and even my young kids have realized that! It doesn’t help that my husband and I are both type A and have taught our kids that we like to live in an organized home.

However, as the evening went on I really did ask myself, “why DO I always want everything perfect?”

What I realized was that it’s not actually perfection that I am seeking, but EFFICIENCY. And that’s what I WANT for you too!!

Why efficiency??

Whether it be space, time or money I am always striving to be as efficient as possible. Perfection is truly not what drives me but in the vocabulary of a 4-year old that’s how she can describe what she sees on a daily basis:

  • when we take something out, we put it back in the same place so we always know where it is
  • we make our bed when we wake up
  • we run errands that are in proximity to each other to save time
  • we clean up the house before we leave for the day
  • we live a life with order and purpose

How does being efficient reward us?

  • less stress
  • less anxiety
  • more space
  • more leisure time

Perfection can be exhausting, trying to have everything look like a Pinterest post all the time. That is NOT my ultimate goal for you. My ultimate goal for you is to live an efficient and organized life that is easy to maintain, leaving you the time to enjoy your life!

Here are 5 simple things you can do TODAY to be more efficient:

  1. Write an “errand” list and determine which errands are within close proximity to one another. Tackle those errands at the same time.
  2. Open and process your mail as you walk in the door each day: trash, shred, bills to pay, action.
  3. Unpack backpacks, work bags, luggage as soon as you get home. This helps clear clutter and get you back on track after a busy day or a trip away.
  4. Get rid of packaging: when unloading groceries, empty bars, packets, drinks etc, into open containers or shelves. This helps you to see the total quantity you have left, saving you money and frustration by not running out of or over-buying a product.
  5. Prep as much as possible the night before: pack lunches, fill water bottles, prepare coffee to start in the am, pack up bags & backpacks, pick out clothes, etc.

Remember an efficient life is an organized life!

Got any efficiency tips of your own? Share below in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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