Schoolwork, Schoolwork & More Schoolwork

Schoolwork (4)Well, we made it!! Summer break is here and school is OUT!!

But now we are left with ALL the schoolwork that comes home at the end of the year, not to mention all the schoolwork that’s been piling up all year long.  And if you have multiple children you probably feel like the schoolwork is taking over every room in your house!!!

So what in the world are you going to do with all this school work and where do you even begin??

Here are my top quick tips for tackling all those precious papers!!

Do NOT Keep:

  1. Worksheets
  2. Scribbled drawings on scrap paper
  3. Workbooks
  4. EVERY piece of artwork
  5. Anything that looks like it was mostly done by the teacher


  1. Report Cards & Progress Reports
  2. Evaluations & Awards
  3. Your FAVORITE, and I mean FAVORITE pieces of art your child did
  4. Cute, sentimental writing samples
  5. Nice PACKETS the teacher put together of all your child’s best schoolwork

What to do with all the KEEPS:

  1. Designate 1 MEMORY BIN per child.  Make sure it is large enough to fit large artwork and that it will hold all that you want to keep.  Keep this bin somewhere that is easily accessible so that you can add to it on a regular basis. If it starts to get full, revisit what you have kept and see what more you can purge.
  2. Use a nice ART PORTFOLIO to display your favorite pieces. The kids love this because they can enjoy looking back on their memories.
  3. Create a filing system for each child.  Have a file for each grade and keep all their important papers for each year in that specific file.
  4. Have a designated spot to “drop” all the schoolwork as it comes in.  Try to sort through it on a weekly basis and get it filed or put into the Memory Box.
  5. I have even gone as far to have schoolwork bound into a nice book.  There are limitations to these but they do make a nice, well preserved memento.
  6. If you are ok with letting go of the papers all together.  There are numerous apps out there that allow you to photograph the schoolwork and then have the photos turned into a photo album.


  1. Date and label everything you want to keep as it comes in.
  2. Throw out as many papers as possible on a daily basis so you have less to decide on at the end of the year.
  3. Try to have your kids help you decide on what you should keep, you will find they aren’t as attached to the schoolwork as you are.
  4. Pick one system and stick with it!  Changing up your systems is where the disorganization begins to creep in.
  5. Remember less is more!!

With these tips at your disposal go and TACKLE that schoolwork once and for all!!

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Have an organized SUMMER!!

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