The Storage Unit Conundrum

If you currently have or have ever had a storage unit than you NEED to keep reading!  I can’t even count the number of times I have finished organizing someone’s home, only to find out they had offsite storage units full of more belongings!

Summer is coming fast and its going to be a hot one.  How great would it be to know that you cleaned out and even eliminated your storage unit(s) before summer hits??

Why Storage Units Are a HUGE Burden:

  1. They are money suckers:  Think about how much money you waste on them every month and every year.  Are the items in the unit even worth the amount of money you are spending to store them? Are you storing a $1,500 table but paying $150 per month in storage?  After 10 months you could have just purchased another table, etc…
  2. You avoid the inevitable: They keep you from dealing with the contents inside.  Maybe its items from a loved one, maybe its a bigger project like all of your photos you need to organize, maybe its all your children’s childhood memories.
  3. They are offsite: Because they are offsite, you have to make the effort to drive over to the unit to retrieve an item you may need.  This wastes both time and energy.
  4. Out of site out of mind: You probably can’t even remember a fraction of the items you have in storage. If you need an item you had in storage but couldn’t remember you had it, you most likely just bough it again.  Which again is a money waster.
  5. They are unnecessary: 99% of the time you can purge 99% of the items you have in storage.  Saving you 100% of the storage fees.

The FEW occasions when they are OK to have:

  1. If you are remodeling and you need to store your belongings in the interim.  However, there are now portable storage solutions that will either store your belongings on site or take the units off site and redeliver them back to your home when you are ready to move back in.
  2. If you are obsessed with decorating for the holidays and have a large amount of holiday decorations.  In this case it is best to store these items offsite so they do not take up valuable garage storage space. But again, ask yourself if the items you are storing are worth the amount you are paying in storage fees.
  3. If you run a home based business and need to store archival business files or products offsite. In this case it may be more cost effective to have a storage unit rather than an offsite office space.
  4. If you are in-between homes and need a place to store furniture in the interim. This is practical because it is temporary and more cost effective than moving your furniture around from rental to rental.
  5. If a loved one has passed and you need to sell their home.  A place to store their belongings until you are emotionally ready to “deal” with them. Oftentimes family members need time to disperse a loved ones belongings and you need a “holding” place to do so.  However, put a time limit on your storage lease so that you know you have to complete this project by a certain date!

If you currently own a storage unit and the contents to do not fall into any of the above listed categories, you should really consider dealing with your storage unit head on.  Just think, if you dedicated a few hours and some sweat equity to clearing out your storage unit you could be saving yourself hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a year.  Not to mention you will be getting rid of a HUGE burden that has been hanging over your head for months or even years.


So, what’s stopping you?

  1. TIME:
    • I don’t have time
    • It will take to long
    • I don’t have a big enough truck to haul stuff away.
    • My family doesn’t live in the state and they need to help go through my parents’ belongings
    • What do I do with all the items I need to trash, donate or shred?
  3. HELP:
    • I don’t have my family here to help make decisions
    • I am not physically able to lift heavy boxes or furniture

**These are all excuses for avoiding your storage unit.  You CAN solve each of the problems above.  So if one of these is stopping you, find an answer to your road block and get started ASAP! **

Organizing and cleaning out a storage unit should be tackled the same way as you would tackle any space in your home.  The storage unit itself is considered one space.  By following my FastPace Program you WILL be able to clean out your storage units in a quick and efficient manner.  Saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Isn’t it worth spending $97 on my FastPace Program in order to free yourself from the emotional and monetary burden of owning storage units??

I wish you best of luck in ridding yourself of your storage unit.  And remember I am always here to help if you get stuck.

Now don’t wast another weekend before the summer heat hits.  You CAN do it!!



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