12 Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday Season


Fall is in the air…and you know what that means, the holiday season is HERE!! Take a deep breath, don’t panic. I’m here to give you some helpful tips for a smooth and stress-free holiday season! 

Planning and preparation are key during this time of year. Yes, there will be a last minute invite to a holiday party, crowds of people buying last minute gifts, or an unexpected visitor from out of town. But don’t fret, if you’re prepared for the unexpected and have your holiday season planned out, these unexpected occurrences will not phase you and you’ll be able to handle them with grace. You deserve to sit back and enjoy the holidays, the parties, the shopping, and all that comes with it.

So here are a few tips to help get you through the holiday season:


  1. Schedule a family photo session for sometime in October or early November so your pictures are ready in time for ordering holiday cards.
  1. Order your holiday cards in early November, or you may end up with “Happy Valentine’s Day” cards!
  1. Update your contacts list as holiday cards roll in.


  1. Plan for one evening to address, stamp and ship your holiday cards so this doesn’t become a dreadful last minute task.
  1.  Pull out your calendar and schedule out your holiday season: parties, trips, family celebrations, shopping, time to wrap gifts, when to ship gifts and time to put away decor.
  1. Purge old holiday decor when you pull everything out to decorate.


  1. Put away one holiday’s decor items when it’s time to set up for the next.
  1.  Decide what clothing you will need for different events: trips, celebrations, etc.
  1.  Write down your gifts to buy & shopping list (attached). Don’t forget to set a budget for your gift buying.  


  1.  Keep some go-to hostess and white elephant gifts wrapped and ready to go (for last minute party invites).
  1.  Make sure your guest room is ready for an unexpected visitor: clear the clutter, launder the sheets, set up a guest toiletries kit, keep a fully stocked fridge and pantry.

   12.   Last but not least: take a deep breath, smile, and be ready to tackle the holiday season head on!  

There you have it! Now, pick one of these tips and cross it off your list today!  Schedule your family photos, fill out your gift list, or anything else you can do right NOW.  

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