5 Surprising Benefits to Finally Getting Organized

HeaderIMGEveryone says they want to be more organized, and for great reason—you’ll finally know where everything is, you’ll have much more free time, and your stress level will drop like crazy. Show me ONE person that doesn’t want all of those things. Exactly.

Those are great reasons for getting organized. After all, being organized affects every aspect of your life. You’ll be more productive at work, find time to relax with friends or even, dare I say, read a BOOK (remember those?). Yep—once you’re organized, life is sooo much more balanced.

But guess what? There’s so many MORE benefits to getting organized that I have loved discovering and showing my clients! Some of these came as a surprise, so I wanted to share them with you.

You’ll save a ton of money!
Seriously. It’s awesome. Since you aren’t always looking for things (and buying items you already have), you can save a ton of money by eliminating duplicate items. For instance, most junk/tool drawers have about 4 identical screwdrivers, and don’t get me started on buying (yet another) eyeliner because I lost my favorite one (again). Once you are organized and know where everything is, you’ll save serious dough.

You’ll eat healthier, leading to better overall wellness.
2Once you’re organized, you will know exactly what food you have on hand, and what you’ll need to buy from the grocery store. That way, you can plan meals easily and avoid those last-minute fast food drive-thru’s because you don’t have anything to cook at home. Now that you’re getting organized, you have a set grocery list. You’re in and outta there, buying only what you need. Then, you cook everything in batches, creating healthy meals for the work week. Now you’re eating healthy meals, saving even more money, and saving time by not having to cook lunches during the week! It’s a win-win-win-win…you get the idea.

You’ll never scramble to get a last-minute gift again.
3We all know the feeling. You’re checking your calendar (read: Facebook), and suddenly see a notification that your friend’s birthday tomorrow! Ugh. Expedited shipping costs, wrapping, and you still have to find a gift! Well, when you’re organized, you can simply order all your gifts a few months out. Dedicate an hour and order gifts in batches online (select the gift wrap option), and you’re all set. Just another beautiful result of how organization lowers stress!

You can plan your entire week’s work outfits. Imagine that.
4Could you use an extra 20 minutes before work? Don’t answer—I know. When your closet is completely organized, you can pick a few combos out on Sunday, and set them aside in your spacious closet (because everything is neatly put away, remember?). Once that dreaded M-word comes around, you can just pick an outfit in the morning and promptly drag yourself to the coffee machine. You’ll save tons of time by not having to dig through and find an outfit, and it uses less brainpower, so you’re also more alert in the morning.

You’re no longer “fashionably late.” Or just late, as those waiting for you call it.
5And it feels soooo good. Because no matter what it is, whether a night on the town or a work event, it always seems like we’re scrambling to get out the door on time. It’s usually because we can’t find that darn eyeliner again, or your keys, you know the drill. But when we’re organized, and know exactly where everything is because we left it in its proper spot, we can actually take our time getting ready, and be on time! No more blaming it on traffic or your Uber driver—you’ve made a change and should be darn proud.

Getting organized is honestly one of the best things you can do for yourself. As you can see, it affects every part of your life and it’s so rewarding when you see these changes come to life. I know it can be hard, and that’s what I’m here for 🙂

If you’d like a bit of help taking the first step, click here—I’d love to help!

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