6 Things Disorganized People Can Totally Relate To

Which One Of These Hits Home?

It’s 6:15 pm, it’s been quite the day at work. One of those days. So, it was especially lovely to be greeted by gridiron traffic. But finally, you’re home! So you walk in, and immediately see piles of junk mail on the counter, dirty dishes stacked, laundry that has to be put away…you thought you could relax after work, but now you’re under a whole different kind of stress.

This is just one of the scenarios that disorganized people are familiar with, and there’s many more. Here are 6 things that disorganized people can totally relate to:

1. You wear additional layers—not because it’s cold, but because your clothes are wrinkled.

1Sweet! You managed to start a mid-week laundry load. While you’re waiting for it to finish, you put a few dishes away. Or, you get sucked into your iPhone. “Like” a few pictures, play Words with Friends, and suddenly it’s time to start dinner. One thing leads to another, and you completely forgot about your laundry. So now it smells mildewy, so you start it again (wasting water and time). Or you just plain forget it in the dryer, so they’re all wrinkled when you need that ONE piece for work. Sound familiar? Luckily, it’s not just you. Time to put on extra layers to cover the wrinkles, because who has time to iron in the morning?!

Organized people, that’s who 😉

2. You buy groceries, and throw away expired food before you load your fridge.

2Ah yes, the vicious grocery cycle. It’s the common culprit for wilted lettuce, 2 bottles of ketchup, crying over spoiled milk, and worst of all, wasted money. When you don’t know what you have in your fridge, you end up buying duplicate items. You’ll also throw out food that you don’t use up, which is usually a result of being too rushed to cook or getting pushed to the back of the fridge. Either way, when you’re disorganized about your groceries, I can guarantee one thing—you’re wasting money (and perfectly good food!). In fact, the U.S. throws out about $165 BILLION dollars worth of food each year. With just a bit of organizational planning, you can save yourself lots of money.

3. The last 10 minutes of getting ready is like a treasure hunt.

3Time’s ticking. You were supposed to leave 5 minutes ago, but where the heck are your shoes? You could have sworn you set your keys there last night…One earring is a new fashion trend right?! Because who knows where that other one is. Now, you’re 15 minutes late. With one shoe. For better or worse, at least people expect you to be late—because this happens every time.

Now, with a little bit of organization, you’d be ready to go with 5 minutes to spare. You’d have your outfit laid out, your keys in one place, and feet kicked up on the ottoman. No more “fashionably late” comments, no more stressful driving—just a smooth routine and on-time arrival. Now, doesn’t that sound much better?

4. Your house is like Noah’s Ark—you have 2 of everything.

4Flat screwdrivers? You have 3. Need measuring tape? How about 2 of them, scattered somewhere in the garage? You could look, but have you seen the garage? At this point, it’s easier to just buy yet another one at Home Depot.

It’s all too common. Because our garages are often one big junk drawer, whatever you need is always missing. With so many drawers and cabinets, it’ll take way too long to find it—so you buy another one while you’re running errands, then stash it in a drawer. And repeat.

All of these things add up, leading to lots of money (and time spent searching) wasted by not being organized.

5. You shop for new outfits, with no room to hang them.

5Ah, retail therapy. Whether it’s an upcoming event or a daily “I hate my clothes!” exclamation, clothing stores are always there to help us. But if you get home with bags of clothes and nowhere to hang them, you’re doing it backwards. It’s much better to purge what you haven’t worn in years (why are you hanging onto it, anyway?) and clear up some hangars, then reward yourself with a new outfit. You’ll feel much better by going about it this way, and who doesn’t love rewards?!

6. The rotating room-cleaning dance.

Step 1: clean the kitchen. Get that last crumb. Admire it.
Step 2: Feel energized to clean more. Clean bathroom, high-five yourself.
Step 3: Walk to kitchen. Someone’s already made a mess.
Step 4: Pour wine.


So, do any of these sound familiar?? That’s why I teach organization as a process and change in mindset, rather than a quick fix. It’s the only way to achieve a permanent solution—and a lifetime of organization.

My FastPace™ program teaches all. It’s your one-stop solution to disorganization. So if you can relate to any of these, my program is perfect for you!

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