Holiday Cards: To Keep or Not to Keep

Joyful 6

JOYFUL, that’s exactly how I feel each day I open my mailbox to find my daily delivery of holiday cards! Seeing how everyone’s families have grown, who’s gotten married, who’s gone to college, who’s moved. It brings so much joy to my kids to see everyone’s pictures hanging on our wall through the holiday season.

After the holidays have come and gone the question becomes, “what should I do with all these beautiful cards now”?

Knowing that your dear friends and loved ones spent a lot of time, money and effort to send these cards out it makes it hard to just toss them in the trash.  Here are my few tips on what to do with these precious holiday cards:

  1. You can do what I do and hang them on your wall for everyone to see throughout the holiday season. Then when the holidays are over its time to let them go …
  2. Make sure to update new addresses as they come in, if you do a few at a time it makes for a manageable task. This way your address list will be up to date and ready for next year’s mailing!
  3. Rubber-band this year’s cards and label the stack with the year. Keep the cards with the rest of your holiday decorations. You can then pull them out each year and reflect on how people have grown and changed over the years. Ziploc baggies also work for this tip!
  4. Punch a hole in the top left corner of each card. Then place your cards on a binder ring (use one binder ring per year). Making for a fun and organized display!
  5. Please whatever you do, do not leave them in a basket on your kitchen counter until the summer!

*So make a decision on which idea you like best, or leave a comment below with any other great ideas for displaying and storing Holiday cards!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!!

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