Jump Start To Spring Cleaning

Is it just me or is this year flying by already?

Easter is just a few days away, which for me is always the sign that Spring is officially here.  And you know what that means…SPRING CLEANING is upon us!

We have extra time this year to ease into Spring and Spring Cleaning so let’s take advantage of it!

To get a jump start on spring cleaning you must do this one thing:

Put a DONATION bin in your house and use it every day!


YOU (and anyone else in your household)


Use a large bin or box with the word “donate” clearly labeled on it.  Also have trash bags on hand for all the overflow you will end up with.


Somewhere you will see it everyday:  in your laundry room, master closet, by your back door, etc.


EVERYDAY!  Set a timer for 20 min at a time and see how much you can purge before the timer rings!


  1. It will remind you to purge every day
  2. You will get into the habit of purging
  3. You will see how much you can purge each day
  4. It will give you motivation and a head start to Spring Cleaning


Just let it go! Make quick easy decisions on what to purge.  Move room by room.


Donate Bags


** Once you are done purging your home keep your donate bin to use on a regular basis. This will keep you in the habit of purging throughout the year: an awful gift from Aunt Sue, kids’ party favors, old shoes, an ugly shirt, old towels, etc. By putting these unwanted items directly in your donate bin, you will be purging all year long, helping to keep your home organized and clutter free on a regular basis.

Here are some of my favorite organizations to donate items to:

Days are longer, making it feel like we have more time to get things done.  Use these extra few hours of daylight to get more accomplished in your day!

Before you do anything else today get your DONATE BIN ready and start using it! Comment below on your progress so you can help motivate others.

Good Luck & Happy Spring!!

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