My Top 5 Reasons Why You NEED Matching Hangers

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Man are my shoulders burning! Over the past 2 weeks I have helped 3 different clients upgrade their closets with a combined total of 1,500 new hangers!  You may be asking yourself, “New matching hangers? Why the fuss?”  Well, I’ll tell you why:

My Top 5 Reasons Why You NEED Matching Hangers

  1. They are better for your clothes:  You will no longer have garments that get  snagged on random hangers, causing garments to loose their shape and even get damaged.
  2. They are more efficient: All of your garments are hung at the same height & width. This also helps you to save space by eliminating bulky and inefficient hangers.
  3. You wont be able to resist organizing and color-coding your closet: Once your hangers look nice, you will want the rest of your closet to follow suit.
  4. They make it easier to find your clothes:  When your closet is full of random hangers, garments tend to get “lost” behind others.
  5. Your closet will feel like your own personal store: Getting ready in the morning will be more efficient since you will be able see ALL your garments. You will feel like you are walking into a beautiful store every time!

As a BONUS, here are my Top 5 Types of Hangers To Use

  1. Wood Hangers:  Look beautiful but can take up a lot of space
  2. Velvet Hangers:  Best space savers but hard to quickly pull a garment off a hanger
  3. Crystal Plastic Hangers: Most versatility but don’t look as nice
  4. Plastic Tubular Hangers: Most economical but hard to hang tank tops and strappy garments
  5. Dry-cleaning Hangers:  Yes, I said it, I do use these when I know people dry-clean almost every garment and wont take the time to switch out the clean clothes onto different hangers.  But in this case, ALL your hangers HAVE to be the metal dry-cleaning hangers to create uniformity.

…and here are my favorite sites to buy hangers:

Happy Hanger Switching!! ENJOY your “new” closet!!

**P.S.  Don’t forget to PURGE while you are switching out your hangers.  Only keep the items you truly love and WILL wear again!


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