How To SIMPLIFY Your Gift Wrap

Do you open your gift wrap closet only to shudder at just looking at it and immediately close the door and run straight to the nearest store to buy the gift wrap you do need.

Do you pull gift wrap out from under your bed only to realize it is dusty and faded?

Do you have gift wrap in various places in your house?

Do your scissors and tape always seem to disappear when it’s time to wrap a gift?

Do you keep used Gift wrap “just in case you’ll use it again”?

If you answered YES to any of these you NEED to SIMPLIFY your gift wrap system!


So here are some tips on how have a joyful giftwrap experience!IMG_7021

  1. Find all the gift wrap throughout your home and put in in one big pile.
  2. Sort it all into categories: wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons & bows, gift tags, tape & scissors
  3. Purge as much as possible, as fast as, you can in each category!  Anything crumpled, ugly, outdated, small remnants of wrapping paper, etc. goes
  4. Create your new Gift Wrap Center.  It could be as simple as an under bed box, or something more elaborate like an entire gift wrap closet or room.
  5. Buy only what you need when you need it!

*I like to buy white and brown rolls of craft paper, as well as white and brown craft paper gift bags.  Add colorful ribbon for any occasion and you are set!

Simple, simple and simple!



Also, the 5 tips listed above mirror the steps of my FastPace Program.  Click here for more information on how you can become a More Organized Person With More Organized Spaces…starting with your gift wrap!!

Happy Wrapping!

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