10 Reasons To Be Thankful For Being Organized


Thanksgiving brings a time for reflection on what we are thankful for in our lives. One major subject I am thankful for in my life is being organized and living an organized life.

Ok, I admit…I am biased on this topic, as I live and breathe organization but I truly am thankful for all that being organized has done for not only my personal sanity, but that of my kids and husband as well.

If one piece of one toy ever goes missing, my kids think the world has ended, because we NEVER lose anything in our household. And without fail we find the missing piece every time.

My husband is spoiled by our organizational systems, he can wake up at 5:55am (getting every last minute of sleep possible) to meet his cycling buddies at 6 am and be fully ready with all his gear because he knows exactly where everything is at a moment’s notice.

For me, I am able to take care of running my business, running our home and can still spend quality time with my kids and husband because I am efficient on tackling everyday chores.

Laundry (although an annoying chore to do) is simple to put away because our closets and dressers are organized, bills are easy to pay because they are all in one place, cleaning up toys only takes a couple of minutes because there is a system in place for them.

I fully believe that anyone who has some bit (large or small) of organization in their life is in fact thankful for that organization.  I know that you too can be thankful for being an organized person!

These are my top 10 reasons I am thankful for being organized:

  1. Being organized saves me time.
  2. Being organized saves me money.
  3. Being organized keeps my sanity.
  4. Being organized makes my morning routine efficient and easy.
  5. Being organized allows me to fit in all the crazy things I do in one day.
  6. Being organized reduces my stress level.
  7. Being organized gives my kids a routine and structure.
  8. Being organized means I can spend more time with my family and friends.
  9. Being organized makes my home feel bigger than it really is.
  10. Lastly, being organized allows me to enjoy the holidays to the fullest.

*Take a few minutes to write down the reasons why you are thankful (or will be thankful) for being organized! Go one step further and post them in the comments below.

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