Why You’re (Still) Disorganized—And How To Change That


To many of us, getting organized is like losing weight: it’s one of our New Year’s resolutions, we’re inspired for the first week, then slip, then give up. Sometimes it’s way too complicated, too lofty, or we just don’t see any immediate progress so we don’t think it’s working. If you’re not motivated, why continue?

There are a lot of organizing tips and programs out there, and lots of reasons why they haven’t worked. Those reasons are the exact issues I wanted to address in my FastPace program. They helped shape my program into something you could actually use—and stick with!

Here are the top reasons for quitting organizational projects or programs, and why mine is different:

You don’t know where to start…so you don’t.
When it comes to organizing, most people hear the word and immediately panic. They think of every drawer, room, closet, bathroom, and space in their home and get overwhelmed by the daunting task. My FastPace program makes it easy to start, easy to learn, and easy to maintain. Once you learn my 5-step organizational process, you can start with a small drawer and work your way up to the garage. It’s the same process, and it’s SO easy to start.

Other programs take WAY too long.
Many of the programs I’ve seen have 20+ minute videos—but if you’re already too busy to organize, how are you going to fit all that into your schedule?! There’s a reason my program is called FastPace. It’s a series of quick, to-the-point videos and you track your progress online—simple as that. I wanted busy people to be able to watch the videos between busy schedules without getting overwhelmed.

You get organized…for about a week.
Sound familiar? It’s usually because the programs don’t fit into your daily lifestyle. They’re too time-consuming, confusing, or otherwise. You get discouraged because you’ve fallen behind, and you’re back to square one. My FastPace program was created with this in mind. I created a 5-step process that’s easy to learn, it’s repeatable, scalable and DOABLE. It helps you set clear goals to track your progress and stay committed.

Other programs are WAY too complicated.
Some programs out there have over 200 pages, charts, graphs, hundreds of videos, confusing modules, and more. Umm, are we going back to college here? Between working full time, family, friends, and just LIFE, I know most people don’t have time, nor do they want to spend time, reading tons of material and trying to figure out the program. That’s a surefire way to get discouraged and quit.


There are plenty of reasons why you are disorganized. But more important is how you’re going to GET organized.

That’s exactly why I’ve made my FastPace™ program simple, effective, and streamlined. It’s a proven process, with easy-to-follow activities without having it feel like a burden.

Also, I’m offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get organized using my program. You’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Give yourself a chance! Try my program for yourself, and finally get organized using a program that works.

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